Cell phone Lot

You can find a couple of Cell Phone lots both in Terminal drive.

For your convenience, please use the Cell phone lots to pick up or drop passengers since curbside waiting is forbidden.

Short-term parking

Short-term parking has 872 areas.

Fees: first 10 minute is free; first & each additional hour $1, up to daily max $15.

Long-term parking

Long-term parking has 4,496 parking spaces.

Fees: first 10 minute is free; first & each additional hour $1, up to daily max $5. (no weekly rate)

There is no charge in the first 10 minutes in both parking lots. Parking costs 1$ for 1 hour and each additional hour $1.00.

All parking is limited to 60 days.

Premium reserved parking

Premium reserved parking has 16 spaces and located in a short-term parking lot.

If you want a space in premium reserved parking, the reservation has to made online.

Fees for the premium parking area are $5/day, plus the standard short-term parking fee.

Military veteran parking

If Military and Veterans have the license plates issued under the Texas Transportation Code sections, they can be exempt from paying the parking fare.

Parking valet

The company Shelter Valet offers valet service along with other services as a car wash, fuel fill-up, oil change, and more.



Transportation at El Paso International airport.

Car rental

Car rental office at El Paso International airport.

Airport Services

Services provided by at El Paso International Airport.

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